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Jul 26, 2018

What President Putin is doing right now is administering a very effective Active Measure. An Active Measure basically is a dirty trick used by the intelligence community. And the Active Measure is based upon mistruths and misrepresentation designed to fracture the societal community of the United States and it’s working. Why is it called active measure? Because once you set an active measure in motion, it remains active and the person who initiated loses control. Right now President Putin is reaping benefits that he did not intend to receive and the most positive of the government of Russia and to the chagrin of the United States of America. This Active Measure, this dirty trick by the Russians began with the run up to the 2016 presidential election. And originally, and the media bought into this, there was a perception from the American intelligence community, who knew better by the way, that this was solely an attack on Clinton to get to help Trump be elected. Once President Trump became President elect Trump, this active measure turned on President Trump.