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Aug 29, 2018

Here is a sample of the transcript from Paul Greenberg's interview about ethics and bias in the media.

"Starting about 1980, that's when CNN went on the air, we had a 24-hour news cycle. When you have a 24-hour news cycle—if you can sort of fast-forward all these years later and you have all these different platforms in which the information can reach the audience—you have to fill up those 24 hours. So therein lies the reason that several years ago, the lines between entertainment and news blurred, and now they are fully blurred. So when the consumer tunes in to wherever they tune in to to get the news, they are expecting to be stimulated. We have to stimulate the consumer every minute and that means that sometimes some of what comes across is going to be more opinion. It's going to be more one-sided than it would've been, and that led to the rise of these networks that you mention, like FOX, for the sort of far- right group, and MSNBC for the far-left group. And now we are in a situation where people absolutely expect that. On the other hand, they really object to it. You hear people say journalism is dead. Journalism is not dead. Journalism is in transition." #mediabias #mediaethics #24hrnews